Silent Auction Bid - Daytona Quilt

256.00 Ounces

Product Overview

Silent Auction - Minimum Bid $250 -- Final bid (plus donations) - $2175.00!!

This will be our first year at FBC Daytona's new Campus.  They have been incredible partners for us in the Daytona Bike Giveaway,  This year, we'll have a silent auction for a quilt commemorating F.A.I.T.H. Riders' 10 years in Daytona. 

  • The quilt is approximately 60" x 60"
    • Includes tees from the first 9 years of the Daytona Bike Giveaway
    • The quilt label on the back recognizes the 10 years of Daytona Bike Giveaway
  • All labor and materials (thanks Angela Conley and Bev Curby) have been donated
  • ALL proceeds will go to FBC Daytona to offset some of the electrical and other utility bills they incur every year to house us
  • The minimum bid for the quilt is $250.00. 
  • Bids will be accepted through noon, Friday, Mar 13
  • We'll close the bidding at noon and award the quilt in Daytona, Friday, Mar 13 
  • You do not have to be present in Daytona -- we will ship the quilt if necessary